Sunday, January 4, 2009

The last word on vaccines ... for a while

OK, I'm running the risk of beating a dead horse here, but I just stumbled across the best summary I've seen on why the vaccine debate is a non-debate. I don't know a lot about the writer of A Free Man blog, but the post is extensively hyperlinked to original news stories. The piece he found showing that Dr. Anderw Wakefield, the scientist who first touched off this powderkeg, received payment from a law firm who represented the subjects of his study, is news to me, and shakes the already-wobbly foundations of the vaccines-cause-autism argument.

Folks, this mistaken belief is leading to a public health crisis. But it appears that American children and adults will have to start dying from measles before opinions on this topic change. And for that reason, I'm not ashamed to beat this dead horse.